Spring by the Aquarium


  • April 22, Saturday, 10:00
    SPRING FLOWERS – Public Library workshop dedicated to the Earth Day, for preschool children (age 4 to 7), at Aquatika square (the Green Library)
  • May 1, Monday, 11:00-14:00
    BE ECO, BE FIT – eco-activities for children and adults
    – open-air sports activities
    – Tom the Catfish on the promenade*   **
  • May 6, Saturday, at 11:00
    Zoran Vakula – children’s book launch at the square (the Green Library)
  • May 21, Sunday, 11:00-12:30
    SAVE OUR NATURE – children’s workshops dedicated to the European NATURA 2000 Day (May 21), International day for Biological Diversity (May 21), Protect the Nature Day in Croatia (May 22) and the World Turtle Day (May 23)

*various sports activities, competitions and games in the open
**The entire program may be cancelled in case of rain.

May 06, 2023, Saturday
Fish Festival 

9:00 to 11:00 – Aquatika guided tour, walk along the Korana, fish watching

Fish watching – observing the fish in their natural habitat and at the aquarium at the time of spawning and migration, with attractive jumps over the river cascade.

With Aquatika experts and guides. Organised by the Katzler Pavilion. Reservations at paviljon.katzler.hr or at +385 98 81857.

Aquatika – the Freshwater Aquarium, Karlovac – guides and tickets
Cinema Club Karlovac – filming of the fish
The Katzler Pavilion – promotion and exhibition 

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