What is their purpose? 

The first souvenir of any town you visit is its map. It’s the basic souvenir, although sometimes it is best to lose your bearings, since in that case you’ll have a whole adventure to remember as a souvenir. The town map is also your little journey diary, with a note here or there, barely legible on the margins. A coffee or ice cream stain or two are absolutely indispensable, too. 

The primary function of fridge magnets is to decrease the area we have to clean. With these little mementos from our travels, our fridge speaks as many languages as there are countries we have visited. Those magnets are tiny slices of time and space you have visited. Made from all kinds of materials, they will charm you and become another piece in your mosaic of memories. 

Postcards are little colourful pieces of paper with photographs or graphics depicting the places you have visited. They have a dual function of being your personal memory and of continuing the habit of contacting the important people in your life by mail. The digital age does not diminish the postcards magic, as they have their special place in the memories dimension. 

The local souvenirs offer might pose some dilemmas. Keychains, photographs, works by local painters, various figurines, books on Karlovac, T-shirts, mugs, hats, jewellery… or some pebbles from a river bank you have found or something to eat or drink, like a bottle of wine or a chocolate bar? Humorous or serious, artistically perfect or unusually creative, all those souvenirs are a reflection of Karlovac’s tradition.

Souvenirs tell the story of the local cultural heritage and are deeply rooted in local history. They are your own small personal vow to the place you have visited. How to pick the right one? Go for the one that has the most value for you, the one enriched by your personal free associations connected to Karlovac, spiced up by an anecdote or two, and by a new friendship.


AQUATIKA, Ulica Branka Čavlovića Čavleka 1/a

PAVILJON KATZLER, Stjepana Radića bb

LIN TRGOVINA, Trg Josipa Broza bb (tržnica)

GRADSKI MUZEJ KARLOVAC, Strossmayerov trg 7

ŠTACUN PRI GAMBONU, Stjepana Radića 8

KNJIŽARA A-Z, Robna kuća Karlovčanka (1. kat)

GIFTBEER, Trg hrvatskih redarstvenika 1, tel. 047 639 452, email: [email protected], (opening hours: monday-friday 9-13, saturday 8-13)

THE HOMELAND WAR MUSEUM, Turanj 2, email: [email protected], phone: +385 47 659 097

NIKOLA TESLA EXPERIENCE CENTER, Rakovac 6, email: [email protected], phone: +385 47 674 746

OLD TOWN DUBOVAC, Zagrad – Gaj 5, email: [email protected], phone: +385 47 658 832

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