Explore the Town on Your Bike

Bicycles are ideal when it comes to exploring Karlovac and its surroundings. It is also the most natural means of transportation, as it connects you to the nature and as it has a long tradition in the Karlovac history. Bicycles used to be so important that we even had our own rules for their use in the streets. Today, some of those rules are out of use, like those concerning the overtaking of riders, so that now we have road signs and cycling lanes. The oldest bicycle, the velocipede, is exhibited at the Town Museum. It is only used for photographs nowadays. Honour its memory and start exploring the town on your bicycle.

Two of the major Croatian cycling routes go through Karlovac, the one from Slovenia to the Plitvice Lakes, and the other from Bosiljevo to Zagreb. Thanks to the exceptionally preserved natural surroundings of the Karlovac area, the picturesque countryside with plains, rivers, wooded hills and mountains, cycling will ensure an unforgettable experience. A highly recommended adventure route: from Karlovac, via Ogulin, to Novi Vinodolski, along the historic Rudolfina road.

If you do not own one yourself, in Karlovac you can choose the Nextbike renting service or find a bike at local renters’ shops. There are three Nextbike locations in town, enabling 30-minute rides, and you can buy your tokens at hostel receptions, hotels and from private accommodation owners.

Karlovac is a perfect place for cycling. Apart from saving your time, you are going to appreciate, just like we do, the environmental benefits of cycling, all the while enjoying the ease of sightseeing. There’s a bike parking space in front of every shop, museum, gallery or town and government institutions. It has always been like that. And if you’re in for an adrenaline-packed ride, there’s an MTB trail, too, one of the most beautiful in Croatia.


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