A Weekend in Karlovac

Aquatika Karlovac

A Family Break in Karlovac

Why does Karlovac have a Star? I want to take a traditional boat ride! Daddy, can you row? Mummy, when are we going to visit this town called Karlovac? Planning a family break there will be a joyous highlight of the week…

Aquatika slatkovodni akvarij Karlovac

An active vacation in Karlovac

You have decided to step out of your everyday routine for a day or two, or maybe a whole week, and let your duties have a little break from you? If you have decided to come to Karlovac, that’s an excellent choice!

Korana Srakovčić - jela s gljivama

What to taste while in Karlovac?

Visit Karlovac and enjoy its traditional local specialties! A relaxing weekend in Karlovac sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? Taste some of the great dishes prepared with mushrooms or with beer. Our chefs are expecting you!

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