A Weekend in Karlovac

Aquatika Karlovac

A Family Break in Karlovac

Why does Karlovac have a Star? I want to take a traditional boat ride! Daddy, can you row? Mummy, when are we going to visit this town called Karlovac? Planning a family break there will be a joyous highlight of the week…

Aquatika slatkovodni akvarij Karlovac


Get to know the old town – the Star through a pleasant walk and learn all about the origin and development of Karlovac, enjoy the beauty of green areas or discover the rich military past of the town.

Aquatika slatkovodni akvarij Karlovac

An active vacation in Karlovac

You have decided to step out of your everyday routine for a day or two, or maybe a whole week, and let your duties have a little break from you? If you have decided to come to Karlovac, that’s an excellent choice!

Aquatika slatkovodni akvarij Karlovac

What to taste while in Karlovac?

Visit Karlovac and enjoy its traditional local specialties! A relaxing weekend in Karlovac sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? Taste some of the great dishes prepared with beer. Our chefs are expecting you!

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