A Weekend in Karlovac

Karlovac za djecu

Please, do not get us wrong, but locals are the greatest lovers of Karlovac weekends. Still, we love it even more when someone else gets to love them, too. So, join the ‘Karlovac Weekends Lovers Club’! This is going to be your most profitable investment. Remember the Little Prince and his wise words, adapted for the occasion: the time spent here is going to make your weekend so precious.

A weekend in Karlovac consists of numerous variations on a theme of your own choosing: a weekend on Dubovac, a weekend on the Korana, a pilgrimage weekend, a gastronomic weekend, an active weekend, a green weekend, a weekend at one’s cottage. You can combine various themes and colours, tastes and activities, choose from innumerable combinations to get a high-quality escape from the routine. Or you can join the locals in their routine and try to find out why they love their weekends so much. Get a local guide or wander the town alone, choose your points of interest and thus make an outline of your Karlovac weekend. It’ll make for an interesting shape. 

Karlovac za djecu

The historic Old Town (the Star), the Dubovac castle, the green parks and the four rivers are the town’s basic symbols. Whichever order you choose, be prepared: your everyday routine is bound to be shattered. We recommend you to enjoy everything in moderation, according to your preferences: something ordinary, like a walk in the park or some history lessons at the Town Museum or some adventure, like kayaking along the Mrežnica. A source of inspiration can also be swimming in the Korana, exploring the freshwater aquarium, sunsets seen from the Dubovac castle, lodging in the Old Town, early morning jogs in the parks, daybreaks along the Korana, breakfasts within the ancient walls or along the riverbanks… 

And do not forget the most important thing: meet the locals! Let us help you organise your perfectly planned weekend or turn it upside down completely. A chance encounter in the street may prompt an unexpected activity and the new acquaintance may turn you into a special kind of visitor, no longer ordinary in any way.

Karlovac za djecu

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