Aquatika slatkovodni akvarij Karlovac

Aquatika - freshwater aquarium Karlovac

Have you ever been to a freshwater aquarium? Have you ever seen a catfish sleeping? Do you know what the life span of various fish is? Which one is the fastest, which one the slowest? Do the fish drink water? 
For all the answers go to the Aquatika – the Karlovac freshwater aquarium

foginovo karlovac


Karlovac, the town on four rivers, boasts the first registered river beach in Croatia. It is situated on the Korana bank. If you like mornings, this beach offers the privilege to swim alongside the swans.

Žitna lađa Zora


This unique European attraction is going to take you back in time, show you how grain was transported by boats, along the Kupa and the Sava rivers.
The ride lasts an hour and a half, complete with a tasting of the home-made flavored liqueurs and traditional home-made cookies.

Discover a town within a park

The green vistas of the town are awaiting, regardless of the direction of your approach. Your stress is probably going to be at risk, likely to disappear in all the greenery.

Do you need more information before your arrival?

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