An old local saying has it that the way to somebody’s heart is through his or her stomach. We won’t closely examine the scientific basis of the saying, but will merely confirm the fact that it is so much easier to be happy after a hearty meal. Also, one’s love for a town is also easier over some aromatic delicacies. 

After a long walk through the town, being tired of all the cultural and historic experiences, we recommend that you take a break in the company of a new experience – the menu.

Your tourist visit to Karlovac can be spiced up thanks to an unusual 3D trip, a geographic-chronologic-gastronomic journey. Start the unique adventure at the first restaurant. Chose the preferred scenery, a river view, stone walls, intimate courtyards or urban and modern settings. 

Hotel Korana Srakovčić jela od kestena

You’ll find the traditional aromas of the past and the influences of all the international cuisine just on one plate in Karlovac. The latest fast food trends and the traditional cuisine go together well in an unusual mixture of all the cultures that have influenced Karlovac – Austrian, Hungarian, Turkish and Italian, with the addition of the Croatian traditions from Dalmatia, Zagorje, Slavonia and Lika. Karlovac has always liked its guests, so much so that it espoused all their culinary traditions. We just love guests who know how to cook. Or just like the delicacies. And like to eat in our company. 

Should you come across some unusual terms, like ‘ajngemahtes’, ‘fiš-paprikaš’, ‘grenadirmarš’, ‘špek fileki’, ‘žuljica’, ‘štrukle’, ‘čušpajz’ and ‘štrudla’, do not even try to pronounce those words correctly. Order it, taste it, and bon appétit! 

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