Sports and recreation

No, we have no bobsleigh tracks, we’re no Jamaica. This is Karlovac. 

We have two centuries of a very rich sporting past. And at least two centuries of a planned sporting future. Each empty space between the buildings has basketball hoops or goal posts. 

There are also a number of gyms, outdoor training facilities, a swimming pool , tennis courts, a diving platform, running tracks, indoor climbing facilities, a football stadium, volleyball, basketball and handball courts, a baseball diamond, a skating rink, an inline hockey rink, a number of cycling routes. And beaches, an untold number of beaches along the four rivers. 

We also have a rowing club, the ‘Korana’, on the banks of the Kupa river.

We love to be active, to walk, run and swim and are going to be delighted  if you join us in Karlovac. Running along the river embankments is a favourite tradition and a way of life in Karlovac. Bicycle is the basic means of transportation and cycling trails and paths connect both near and distant points. The whole culture and the rules for cycling originated in the 19th century and are still in place. 

Looking for an active holiday? Try Karlovac. Win in Karlovac. Start with ‘Karlovački cener’, a 10 km street race around the old town Star. Or something less ambitious, a friendly game of tennis in the shade of the Vrbanić Gardens. 

Combine both the aquatic and the dry activities. In winter, the water freezes, so plan your activities according to seasons. You can substitute the summer diving activities with hockey or ice skating. If you like the rain, it’s an ideal opportunity for some angling. Or to go bowling.

You can also choose hiking, sports with balls of all manners and sizes, Nordic walking and dancing. If you prefer to be invisible, start scuba diving or exploring various caves. On water, you can also take up rafting or swimming in the rivers. Archery is also available as an activity, as well as air-gun target shooting. 

Or simply walk around the town, in the quiet shade of the parks and meditate along the rivers taking away and bringing everything you need.

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