The Best Photo Locations

The most precious souvenir you can take from Karlovac is your own photo, taken during your wanderings around the town. Be creative, don’t do what others, the ordinary tourists, do. You are not ordinary. That’s why you came to visit Karlovac. Be unique! Taking photos while walking can be the simplest and the most creative method, enabling you to enjoy the walk, not feeling the pressure to look for motifs. Let yourself be attracted by a charming detail or an unusual scene. A slight detour in space and time will plunge you into a photo-adventure and enable you to take some perfect shots.

You can try out all the rules you have learned, the golden ratio, the correct shutter speed during the blue hour, or how to get the locals to pose in your photo story. All that and more you can try out at these Karlovac locations:

Drveni most

1. The Korana Wooden Bridge – the most common photographers’ motif… in fog, at night, with the twinkling stars, at the break of dawn, with the sun still invisible, with a lonely cyclist going away… take photos of the wooden bridge in all situations and settings, from the locations in the Vrbanić Gardens near the Korana-Srakovčić Hotel, or standing at the very bridgehead.

2. The Korana Water Turbine Plateau – point your camera to the left, towards the wooden bridge. In front of you, you’ll see the pontoon bridge, the swans and, to the right, the cascade, as the most frequent postcard motif in the history of this place. You’ll also see the poplars directly in front of you, as the symbols of swimming in the Korana river. We like to look at them upside-down, as the reflections on the river’s surface.

3. The Aquatika Entrance – Capture the Foginovo beach and the concrete bridge over the Korana, the boats under the bridge and the river surrounded by lush greenery.


4. The Kupa River –  looks best from the Banija bridge, with the high-rise and the old Jewish quarter reflected in the water upstream, and downstream departing for the Black Sea, with former river piers, while in the immediate vicinity of the bridge you’ll see the stone houses with gates overlooking the river, as symbols of a port town.

5. The Music Pavilion – take a photo standing near the Karlovac Milestone, or from the Promenade, also take a look at the moat, capture the Promenade’s five-tiered perspective, the architectural details of the Renaissance balconies and the playful windows. 

6. The Gajeva street colourful houses will be best captured if you stand in front of the post office building. They are lined along the street, each with its unique colour and design. You’ll remember it as the most colourful part of the town.

7. The Wall Remains – in Draškovićeva street, on your way to the Gaza neighbourhood. The oldest part of Karlovac and the guardians of history that you’ll capture for eternity with just one click of your camera. 

8. The Josip ban Jelačić Square – the main, central square of the Old Town offers an opportunity to take a 360° panoramic photo with the historic military buildings, two churches and the water well at its very centre. 

9. Radićeva street – the most prominent street of the Old Town, very photogenic in its entirety, both ways. This Old Lady likes to be photographed and if you’re really nice to her, she’ll show you all her face.


10. The Radićeva Street Northern End – an unusual triangle of all the histories and presents is located at the very ‘beginning’ of the street, at the entrance to the Old Town (the Karlovac Star), with the Katzler Pavilion, the frog statue and the view of the Promenade. A picture-perfect postcard you’ll cherish forever.

11. Of course, the Dubovac Castle – take a photo from the nearby mound, and, from the top of the tower, take a photo of the whole town. 

Please, do not aim for those dangerous, life threatening, selfies. No, you just do not need such an adventure.


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