Why visit Karlovac

Should I stay for a day, or two, or maybe for life? The latter is recommendable, but if you do not have the time for such a momentous and lasting decision, just drop by. Karlovac is always here, en passant, always on your way, wherever you go. Stay for a while, let a chartered royal free city stop the time for you. It has the power to do it.

Or simply decide: we’re going to Karlovac. Of all the decisions in your life, this one could be a winner. Just be careful, you might like it. We offer a break from stress and it is up to you to decide if you want to meditate during daybreak at the Korana banks or dance at the central square, celebrating the town’s birthday, sneak around the Dubovac Castle walls, explore the hidden courtyards of the historic old town, breath in the silence and stillness of the Holy Trinity church, check out the fish in the freshwater aquarium Aquatika, laugh at the comic play at the Zorin dom theatre, hang out at the colourful night clubs, explore the history at the Town Museum, surprise your palate in one of the various restaurants, go bird-watching at the Vrbanić gardens, or check out whether there really are some mermaids hiding in the Korana or Kupa. 

If you have decided to spend a day in Karlovac, you’ll soon realise a day is very short and it’s already night. Embrace the night, during the night the town is very quiet and there are stars above its Star. Enjoy the daybreak on a riverbank, among the misty smells, bathing in the warmth of the rising sun.

Karlovac has never been conquered during its history. But you can conquer it – with a smile! Make a mosaic out of your memories of the Renaissance architecture, the green parks, the clear rivers and the time you spent with the locals. You cannot lose in this battle, though there’s always a possibility of Karlovac conquering you.

Karlovac is the town of three-dimensional parks, of four rivers, of five centuries and the six-pointed Star. Having experienced all that, you’ll be in seventh heaven… in cloud nine…! And you deserve it. 

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