• Tourist Tours for individual visitors
    – Walking tour with a guide
    – Duration of each tour up to 90 minutes
    – Starting SATURDAYS at 11:00, in front of the Katzler Pavilion
    – Tours are FREE OF CHARGE with essential booking at: vodici.karlovac@gmail.com / 098 246 584 / 091 441 7032 / 098 176 9611

1. A walk through the Karlovac Star

Get to know the old town – the Star through a pleasant walk and learn all about the origin and development of Karlovac.
Every Saturday starting at 6.6. – 29.8.2020. and 13.7. (Monday)

2. Stars of Karlovac in the Croatian sky

Meet many historical figures who were born or lived in our city and left a deep impact on Croatia and beyond.

Dates: 6.6. / 29.8.

3. Karlovac parks – the star of the city

Enjoy the beauty of green areas, the creativity of flower beds and peculiar tree lines along the edges of the moat.

Date: 27.6. / 4.7.

4. Military tour * Costumed guided tour

Discover the rich military past of the city through monuments that will suprise you with their grandiosity.

Dates: 13.6. 

5. A walk through Karlovac with Empress Maria Theresa *Costumed guided tour

If you want to get to know the time of Maria Theresa in more details, join an interesting walk through the city center.

11.7. / 25.7.

6. Hidden stories of the Great Promenade

Discover interesting stories of the favourite Karlovac promenade while enjoying the pleasant shade of century-old trees.

Date: 20.6.

7. The Jewish heritage in Karlovac

Discover traces of the Jewish presence in Karlovac during a specially designed walk through the city.

Dates: 18.7. / 8.8.

8. Secrets of the sacral architecture of the old Karlovac

Enter the world of sacral buildings and faith that gave strength to the people of Karlovac during the most difficult moments in history.

Date: 22.8.


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