The Ulak gallery

Galerija Ulak

Karlovac has been an eternal inspiration to artists of all kinds. Many poets, musicians and creative people have lived and still live in this town. The little ULAK (Karlovac Arts Association) gallery serves as a meeting place for painters, sculptors and illustrators, following a unique, rich and long tradition encompassing a number of important and famous professional artists, but also a host of self-taught ones. 

ULAK’s building is an unusual piece of architecture, located next to the Zorin dom theatre and Edison cinema. Viewed from the outside, it is small, but also quite large in terms of its collection of paintings, prints, sculptures and installations. 

The place is visited regularly both by professionals and amateurs, serving as a fountain of inspiration for the whole Karlovac area. Numerous exhibitions and projects, some of them in cooperation with similar associations from the neighbouring countries, have resulted in its current collection, with its significant contribution to the town’s cultural scene.

Opening hours: Thursdays from 6 till 7 pm
Address: Domobranska 1
Phone: 00385(0)47/614-956
Cell: 00385(0)98/18 38 038
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