Radićeva street

Radićeva street is a unique Karlovac street, connecting the two rivers, the Kupa and the Korana. Its official name is the Stjepan Radić Street, Radićeva for short. We like this term of endearment because we love it. An eternal dilemma of the locals, the source of many merry arguments, the question that still has no definitive answer: where is the street’s beginning and where is its end? We couldn’t care less for the house numbering! Historically, the street has two entrances, the Rijeka Gate and the Turkish Gate. Of course, today, there is a numbering system of sorts, but that is not all that important. The important question is whether we live north or south of the street, so that the Southerners see its entrance at the exit, while the Northerners, conversely, see it the other way around. Yes, it is not easy to understand. We do not fully understand it ourselves. The entrance is where you go in, while the exit can be at the entrance, too. 

Radićeva ulica

Though not even a thousand meters long, it will give you a thousand reasons to enjoy Radićeva street. Want a list? No, you have to discover it by yourself. The only thing you must know about it: it has no bright neon signs, it does not care for the shallowness and hysteria of the present time. It is an old quaint lady, sometimes playful and charming, and sometimes quiet and pensive.

As the main street of the historic old town, the Karlovac Star, the street has changed names, surviving both fires and floods, outliving both the small and the great human fates, while today it lives its fifth century in dignity. A lady of experience, hiding the unique fire lanes (gasice), the baroque mansions, the traditional craftsmen houses, various wooden doors, ornamental fences and wrought iron signs. All the ghosts of this town sleep in this very street. And they are the benevolent ghosts, that’ll take care of you just like they have been taking care of Radićeva street for centuries now. 

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