A ten-minute drive from the Karlovac centre will take you to the Pauline Monastery and Our Lady (Saint Mary) of the Snows Parish Church at Kamensko. And if you wish to become a part of the centuries old pilgrim tradition, the journey to this religious centre is going to be a memorable experience. Should you happen to be here on the Assumption Day, August 15, you can also take part in the huge traditional feast at Kamensko. 

The monastery and the church were built in 1404, were damaged in many wars throughout history, but have been renovated and today will dazzle you with their new looks. Numerous and rich frescoes and sculptures are bound to make a huge impression, while the Paulists running the place will gladly tell you all about its history.  

Various research projects have discovered the earliest parts of the Gothic phases of the church and monastery construction, with a multisided sanctuary and vestry being best preserved. The 600th anniversary of the monastery was celebrated by the dedication of the renovated wooden altar, as well as of the new stone altar with the Pauline crest and parts of the church ornaments. 

Apart from the great traditional Assumption Day feast, smaller feasts are regularly held on Ascension Day (40 days after Easter) and on Nativity of Mary Day, September 7. Going to church is an important part of everyday habits and needs here. You’ll be welcome, too. 

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