The Music School

Glazbena škola

At the very entrance to the historic Karlovac Star, the old town, through the open windows of the Neo-Renaissance palace, you’ll hear the sounds of a piano etude blending with the guitar scales played by some small, still a bit ungainly, but eager fingers. The playful sounds produced by the Music School young pupils are draped in the cloak of serious symphonies. This is the building where Bach, Vivaldi, Brahms and Chopin live. The slightly forgotten sophistication, culture and heritage of the old Viennese school, of ladies and cavaliers, also have their place in this building.

This is the oldest music school in Croatia and also the only art school in the Karlovac County. It was founded even before Wagner or Verdi were born and soon became one of the town’s most important institutions, the centre of its musical and cultural life.


The park in front of the school contains a very special tree, a forlorn beech. It is somewhat lonely, since it is the only such tree in the town, and its only consolation are the violin sounds from the school windows. Be a nice and considerate and take a seat on the bench in its shade. The soft yellowish façade of the old building is going to turn into a singing backdrop, while the only sign of the time passing by will be the sundial on one of its sides.

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