The Military History Route

This military route through Karlovac is going to show you why Karlovac was founded in the first place and how it grew and developed in tumultuous times of wars and different armies. Throughout history, wars have made an indelible mark on the fates of towns and people. Karlovac was founded as a fortress to protect Europe from the conquering armies from the south. Due to its geographic location, it became a strategically important point in all the wars of the millennium. Wounded in various wars, never conquered and always at the frontier, in spite of being a military town, Karlovac nevertheless always managed to live a life of culture, parks, commerce and sports. 

The military tour offers an authentic experience of an unusual history, all the more so since its guide is a local who was actively involved in defending the town. Find out why the Music School is a part of the town’s military history, where Karlovac’s military spirit resides and how its cultural history was developed, in spite of all the wars. 

Duration: 3 hours

  1. Town Coffeehouse – the Promenade
  2. Music School 
  3. Small Gloriette
  4. Strossmayer Square
  5. Generalate
  6. Rampart 
  7. Hauptfeld House – ‘Chinatown’
  8. Military Hospital
  9. Bosnian Storehouse – St Joseph’s Bastion
  10. St Nicholas Orthodox church 
  11. Armoury
  12. Franciscan monastery
  13. Main barracks – Parade Square
  14. Central Hotel
  15. Lončar House
  16. Drašković House
  17. Rectory
  18. Tourism School 
  19. Lopašić House
  20. The Moats
  21. Turanj – Homeland War arms collection
  22. Dubovac Military Cemetery
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