Gradska tržnica

Bread, milk, potatoes, apples, cheese and cream… these are the staples of everyone’s market shopping list in Karlovac. But that is not all! While buying carrots, sauerkraut and lettuce, you’ll also get the farmer’s smile for free, maybe also a comment on the joys of life or a piece of advice regarding the dish you plan to prepare. And if you return the compliment, you’ll be the privileged customer forever. That is the true spirit of the Karlovac food market!

This is the most colourful and the noisiest place in town, smelling of fruit and buzzing with customers and sellers. Like in a sort of a tolerance duty-free zone, among the customers here you’ll find vegetarians, vegans, fruitarians, macrobiotics fans and the extreme meat lovers buying their produce in perfect peace and harmony. Also, here you’ll find your first-door neighbour, Marija. 

Mornings are always the merriest time of the day at the market, while the cheapest period is around noon. Locals have their own favourite stands, and all the stands with home-grown produce are manned by the producers. We like to use endearing names for them. They are the best nutritionists with lots of experience in traditional diet, the wisdom passed on from one generation to the next. Just ask why sauerkraut is so healthy in winter. Our producers are scientists in disguise. 

Markets are important elements of any town’s identity preservation. Although containing history, they are not going to take you on a journey through it, but will refine your present. Some say that the way to somebody’s heart is through their stomach. Taste the home-grown apples from the Karlovac area, the fresh, unprocessed milk, or the traditional ‘pork crisps’ or ‘pork chips’ called čvarci. Yes, we have that, too!

Remember the fairytales your grandmother used to tell you before sleep? There’s a basket of food in each one. Little Red Riding Hood taking the food to her grandmother, Snow White and her apples, Cinderella and her pumpkin… each tale features some kind of food in a prominent role. We won’t bore you with the symbolic meaning of food. We just want you to feel full and happy. And that you remember your visit to the Karlovac market as a fairytale with a happy ending.


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