Do you know the meaning of the word promenade? It comes from the French verb promener, “to stroll, to go for a walk”. Do you know what springtime is? And springtime in Karlovac? It means it is time for the spring promenades, for traditional strolls along the erstwhile Great Promenade. This tradition is as old as the promenade itself. Today, the Springtime Promenade events are alive and kicking, full of song and dance, both sunlit and hidden in the green shade.

In spring, the Karlovac promenade turns into a giant open-air stage. Lots of fun activities and social events invite you to actively participate and there’s always something for everyone. Learn something new about our environment and recycling; take the first little step in the quest to save our blue-green planet. Sit on a bench in the shade of a horse chestnut and dive into a musical river of sound by the largest accordion orchestra. Learn about the skills taught at Karlovac schools and meet the future geniuses from their classrooms. Choose a gastronomy-themed Saturday and surprise your palate with new tastes and experiences.

Every Saturday is special in the town of rivers and parks. The Springtime Promenades lend them a new dimension that will delight both the locals and their guests. And locals love guests. They also love their town. And they especially love those guests who love Karlovac. Become a part of Karlovac and the Springtime Promenades, if you are not already involved, and take your smile for a walk around the town!

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