Karlovac in Winter

Do you like winters? Get to know Karlovac in winter, walking through those wonderful scenes of frost-covered trees in the parks and along the frozen rivers. You don’t like winters? Come to Karlovac and enjoy your stay over some hot tea or mulled wine, near the warm fire in a local restaurant offering a perfect winter menu of traditional dishes.

Local winters are white and quiet, but also colourfully cheerful. Karlovac is large enough for an eclectic mosaic of winter events, and at the same time small enough for you to choose just one theme, just for you if you wish. But regardless of your choice, one thing is certain – Karlovac is just magical under the white blanket! It’ll take your breath away, but not because of the extreme cold, but because of the fairy-tale scenes you haven’t seen since the final minutes of a romantic movie with a happy ending. 

Embarking on the exploratory tour of winter Karlovac, you’ll need just two basic things: your smile and your camera. The camera will help you to freeze the frozen moments in time in just one click, while your smile is going to be something you’ll give to others and get it back. As for a hat, a scarf and a pair of gloves or mittens, you can buy everything from our grannies that still spin and knit wool the traditional way. You can rent the skates at the town ice rink and show off your pirouettes. And while you’re there, near the moats, have some fun tobogganing and be a child again, even if just for a while. 

Nutritionally balanced food for surviving the cold days in Karlovac can be found in most of the restaurants, in the form of sarma (the meat-filled cabbage rolls) or a ham hock with cabbage. The scent of cinnamon from mulled wine and of the vanilla flavoured pastries is a sure sign you’re approaching some of the locations of the Advent Festival.

And when frost covers the bare trees in the Karlovac parks and when the rivers freeze over, the town clubs start waking up, with pub quizzes, live music and stand-up comedy, along with the very same smile you brought with you entering the Karlovac winter. 

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