It may be true that all roads lead to Rome, but all roads also go through Karlovac. And this is the right place for you to stop the time and discover the life of the town on the four rivers during all four seasons. We have always loved it and it is for you to fall in love with the freshly blossomed colours of the Karlovac springtime, the summer blue-green colours of the rivers, the autumn rustle of all those browns in the parks and the crystal white of the silent winters.

At any time of the year, Karlovac’s doors are open to you, revealing unique locations, where the experiences turn into memories lasting for a long time even after you have returned home. You can visit the Aquatika aquarium – a unique freshwater institution offering a glimpse of the rivers beneath the surface, as well as the reasons why Croatia is Europe’s richest country in terms of river flora and fauna. You can also visit the open-air Homeland War Museum in Turanj, with a special arms and military equipment collection, as an eternal symbol of the locals’ victories in all the wars in this region.

And while you’re here, why don’t you stay a bit longer? We offer a whole palette of events, so paint your own picture of memories from the four seasons on the four rivers.


This is the time to arrive with your camera and make a photo-wallpaper for your home: the autumn colours are going to keep you warm long into the winter, too. Karlovac autumns are a collage of mottled treetops in the old allees and mystical foggy vistas. And it smells of roasted chestnuts. In case you still haven’t discovered the Karlovac autumns, this is the perfect time to prepare the stores of memories for winter.


The winters in Karlovac are magical! Frozen poplar branches along the Korana make for a picture that’ll freeze your breath. Swans that came for the winter turn the river into a swan lake. The parks don a white dress and embrace you like your grandmother offering hot tea for your frozen fingers.

The enchanting and silent scenes can turn into fun and laughter in no time, the sleds fly along the Šanac slopes, while the skates dance to the music, the mottled lights of the Karlovac Advent invite you to join your friends, and the night clubs offer various attractions for long winter nights. New Year’s Eve in Karlovac! Oh, yes! Welcome the new year under the lucky star of the historic Karlovac Star!


After the carnival season has dispelled the icy winter spectres, spring starts to rule the town. And it is no ordinary spring, the way spring tends to be elsewhere. The Karlovac springs are a pure joy of life! It is time to wake all your senses and it is for you to decide whether you would like to enjoy the colours of flowerbeds, the soft grass in the park during the Springtime Promenades or in the sounds of guitars over a barbecue on the Korana banks.

If you have already experienced Karlovac in spring, we know we’ll meet again. If not, indulge in a bit of selfish luxury – this is a town perfect for to recover after all the stress of the bustling modern world. And if you like the hustle and bustle, sign up for the Karlovac Cener run, a nightly race around the historic Star in late spring… and beat the time!


Karlovac summers smell of blue and green, with a whiff of the ancient stone facades. The summer events mosaic is called the Summer under the Stars, full of song and dance as it only befits summers. The Karlovac summer begins with the St John’s Eve bonfires and ends with a real desert: the Strudel Week. Take your smile on a walk through the town and enjoy the theatre performances, the traditional dances, music and swimming in the rivers. Also, make sure you visit the Beer Days or otherwise your visit to Karlovac may not count at all.

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