Getting around Karlovac

Karlovac loves its visitors. This has been a part of our genetic code. For centuries, this has been the place of encounters, the meeting point of people, rivers and roads. We have built roads for you to be able to come here. Doesn’t it show how welcome you are? Had we not wanted you here, we would not have built the roads, we would have built walls instead.
OK, now that it is out of the way, you can relax and enjoy getting around the town.

How to reach Karlovac? The Earth is round, so, whichever direction you choose, you’ll get to Karlovac. The longest journey would be from New Zealand, so we suggest you take the shortcut, through the Earth’s very core. It used to be easier to reach us from other parts of the world when all the current continents were still a part of one supercontinent. In the meantime, we got the airplanes, though, so that’s no longer a problem, either. The closest airport is near Zagreb, and from Zagreb you can take a train, a bus, a rented car or a taxi. We’ll leave other options to your creativity.

Having arrived to Karlovac, your best mode of transportation will be your legs and feet, as pedestrians rule supreme in this town. Just step on a zebra crossing and you’ll see just how mighty you really are! All the drivers are going to stop and let you cross the road even before you have made that decision.

Bicikli Karlovac Korana drveni most

The locals’ favourite transportation is a bicycle. You can rent it at the Nextbike docks or from private renters. Bikes have been so important historically that we have even written our own rules for their use in the streets. Today, some of them are outdated, for instance the rule regarding the overtaking of riders, so we introduced the road signs and bike lanes. The oldest bicycle, a velocipede, is exhibited in the Town Museum. It is used for photographic purposes only.
We also have a plan for a tram network from 1905, but due to the bureaucratic obstacles, we still have no trams. But there are buses. And taxis. Sometimes you’ll even see an open carriage pulled by a team of Lipizzan horses, so you can feel like royalty while sightseeing this free royal city.

If you prefer smaller wheels, a skateboard or roller skates are an excellent choice, and if you do not like the wheels at all, get into a small river boat or into a larger grain boat and sail away. And if you suffer from hydrophobia, sail in your mind, while sitting on a park bench, looking at the church tower clock. These mental journeys are always offered free of charge.

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