Just one day for Karlovac? OK, we’ll try to tell you how to get to know the town quickly, but only if you promise it’ll be just an overture into your next visit. If you have less than a day to spare, there are two ways to explore Karlovac: either by sitting on a park bench and enjoying the one scene, or by walking between the past and the present moments. If you are a visual type, find your picture-perfect view and let your gaze sink deep into the vista. If you’re up for a challenge, go step by step.

The historic route will take you from the most distant point, both in space and time, from the 13th century Dubovac Castle, to the 14th century Old Town (the Star), to the 19th century parks and, eventually, to the 21st century Aquatika aquarium. You’ll go along a promenade, shaded by chestnut trees, along the Kupa banks, leave one river and approach the next one, along a connecting street. Having entered the historic Old Town, you’ll be transported to the century of the town’s foundation. Let this star-shaped fortress be your guiding star for further exploration. The Radićeva street, the Katzler Pavilion, the Holy Trinity Church, the Franciscan monastery, the Town Museum… and then a little break in one of the restaurants or cafés. Continue your walk through the Vrbanić Gardens and you’ll arrive to the Korana bank and be greeted by a pair of swans in love, showing you the way to Aquatika – the freshwater aquarium. Dive into the fish world and get to know the Karlovac rivers from a new perspective. Rest your tired feet and arrange your impressions. Make a plan for your next visit. See you soon!

The water route is the most logical form of exploring the town on four rivers. You’ll get to know the Kupa and Korana in the town’s very centre, while the more peripheral Mrežnica and Dobra rivers, are going to require a car or a bicycle if you have less than a day to see Karlovac. If you’re just passing by in summer, go for an unusual experience – swim in all the four rivers in just one day, but in two locations only – at the confluence of the Dobra and Kupa and at the confluence of the Mrežnica and Korana. Four rivers in a day – a great story to take back home!

The parks route is just as logical as the water one. The town of parks, or the town in the park, will compel you to look for a green and shady walk. If you have arrived from a huge paved city, Karlovac is going to be a healing experience of meeting the nature, and if you happen to live in a similar setting, you’ll feel right at home. Whether you’re on foot or in your car, you can’t miss the town’s parks. We especially recommend them as a green break after long business meetings. A therapeutic walk around the Old Town or through the Vrbanić Gardens, along the allées, surrounded by green lawns and colourful flowerbeds will always be time well spent, even when you’re in a rush.

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