Karlovac, the town on four rivers, boasts the first registered river beach in Croatia. It is situated on the Korana bank. The Foginovo beach, as the historic heritage of the citizens, has been engraved in the town’s very fabric, and its future matrix, just like a genetic code. Even a century later, it remains a memorable place. From its source at the Plitvice lakes, all the way to its mouth, where it joins the Kupa river in Karlovac, the green beauty that is the Korana river adorns its surroundings. As it flows practically through the very centre of the town, both the citizens and the visitors have been using it, for centuries and throughout the year, as an oasis of peace and the place to get in touch with the nature. From the time its health benefits were confirmed, generations of citizens gathered at the Korana banks, enjoying the benefits of the clean river, while it beckoned them to swim and relax during the summer heat.

The same historic picture is still very alive. Today, this river beach is where it was a long time ago and people still go there like they always did. Like some kind of a magic magnet, the Korana attracts visitors, locals, those in love, the sad, the children and grandmothers alike, the adventure lovers and those seeking serenity. The Cener (“Ten”), the top board of the 10 m high diving tower, is reserved for the bravest divers, there’s also a 5 m diving board, for the less courageous, and also the 3 m board, for those who want to get into the water as quickly as possible. The less experienced swimmers can find refreshment in the shallower part of the river, and for those with limited moving capabilities, there’s a water lift, a number of special deck chairs, the changing stalls, as well as toilets.

There are lifeguards watching over the beach, and the activity directors busy both in the water and on the grass, while a free water park will bring smiles to the faces of all those yearning for unusual ways of getting into the water. If you cannot decide whether to choose water polo or beach volleyball, go to the shade of the riverside café and let the breeze in your hair and the ice in your glass solve the dilemma for you.

If you like mornings, this beach offers the privilege to swim alongside the swans, and if you prefer evenings and nights, opt for the summer joys of the open-air river cinema. Or play tennis at the nearby courts. Or visit the freshwater aquarium, the Aquatika, and dive into the world of the fish and the underwater river life. If you feel like running, use the nearby track, if you feel like stretching and training, use the outdoor gym, and if you want to keep your mental fitness, read a book. In case you just want some peace and quiet, just sit on the Korana bank, in the shade of a century old willows, and watch the river in silence. If you’re lucky, for a moment, you might even hear the unusual sounds of the Karlovac mermaids’ song.

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