Congratulations! You have just found the Katzler Pavilion, the smallest tourist mega-centre in the world, a souvenir shop, a museum, a gallery, a Karlovac culture and history vault, a favourite meeting point of the natives. All in one place. It can accommodate several thousand visitors… but only if they’re equally and carefully distributed over one year’s time. A group of five or more can come inside only with a smile.

The entrance to the historic Karlovac Star, the old town, is marked by a small green wooden house with an unusual name – the Katzler Pavilion. This can be your orientation point, helping you to find your way into and out of the old town. No, we do not charge anything, for either direction.

The Katzler Pavilion remembers its third century now, the courtships of the Austro-Hungarian officers, the Rosenkavaliers and the ladies out for a Sunday stroll along the Promenade. It has witnessed the town’s golden age, the suffering, the sweet lovers’ secrets, and the political intrigue. It was here, in this very place, while the Seljan brothers wandered the world, when Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity, and the Wright brothers made their first flight. It survived everything.

Today, the rich Karlovac history is framed in the small shop windows of the Katzler Pavilion, while inside there are various objects, photographs and documents that are a part of the town’s historical mosaic. We can describe it as an ‘informal tourist interpretation centre and the smallest multicultural hub in the world’, which will undoubtedly strain your pronunciation capabilities. That is why we propose a little brainstorming game that should make it easier to remember: the first word – Katzler; the second word – Pavilion. Try to remember. And there you are! Right in front of the Katzler Pavilion. Welcome!

Katzler Pavilion – 360° virtual tour

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