We do not really know when we built the Dubovac Castle, we do not remember it all that well. Old records show there has always been a fort on top of the hill overlooking the Kupa river. Even before there were written records to speak of. We finished the construction in the 13th century, since we were under constant attacks and had to defend our grain and salt traders, as well as the Kupa boatmen. From the main tower, one can see the Kupa river and beyond, check it out for yourself.

The Dubovac Castle is one of the best-preserved and most beautiful monuments of medieval architecture in Croatia. It was built on a prehistoric hill above the Kupa, and was named after the dubs, the oaks growing on the surrounding slopes. It changed hands many times throughout history, changing its appearance according to the needs and fashion of the period. Its current appearance is the result of a comprehensive restoration program carried out during the mid-twentieth century.

The collective memory of Karlovac citizens says that the castle water well hides a tunnel leading to the Kupa bank and the Old Town. We would love to ascertain the information, but are afraid it might only be a legend, and that would be an unpleasant blow. So let it be the way it is now. We all love legends and fairy-tales.

The enchanted castle courtyard is going to stay enchanted regardless of the historical evidence. Enjoy the medieval atmosphere of the restaurant inside the castle, visit the museum inside the tower, and while climbing the squeaky wooden steps, feel like you’re a part of Karlovac, a part of Dubovac!

The walls are cold, but they still hide a host of warm stories of the Zrinski family love, the Frankopan family successes and the diverse fates of the people closely connected to the castle. And while there, do stay until the sunset. You’ll see Karlovac bathed in the evening colours, changing its face in front of you, practically in the palm of your hand.

Opening hours

June 1st – September 30th
Thuesday – Sunday: 10am-8pm

June 1st – May 31st
Thuesday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm

Closed on Mondays and public holidays.
The last entrance is half an hour before closing.

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