If you’re looking for some peace and quiet in the natural surroundings, there’s a small paradise near Karlovac that’s meant just for you – Gliboki Brod. You can reach the estate either by land or by water, choosing your means of transportation: a bicycle, a car or a historic grain boat ride to the neighbouring village. If you like the quiet river surroundings, the latter option will be ideal for you.

The traditional Marinković family farm is hidden in the picturesque Kupa valley village of Brežani, surrounded by centuries-old oak forest. The traditional farming has now been enriched by a new kind of offer – agritourism. And so, here you can learn the forgotten methods of land cultivation, encounter a goat or sheep herd, spend some time with two beautiful horses, Munja (“Lightning”) and Grom (“Thunder”), and treat your palate to the homemade nettle juice, the bazlamača (a type of sweet cornbread) and some homemade bread. Do not forget to take along the children, whether your own or some neighbour’s: they’re bound to enjoy the valuable outdoor lessons. Or just wake up your inner child and go there by yourself. Pick some strawberries, taste the local plum jam, take a stroll to the natural spring with cool water, bring back your childhood memories.

Let this farm be your escape from the everyday life. Learn something new in this age of forgotten skills and crafts and enjoy the smell of grass, the sound of wind and the birds’ chirping. Order a homemade lunch, copy one of grandma Marijana’s recipes, let your welcoming hosts guide you. And if you’re lucky, while walking along the river bank, you might find a piece of a shell from the former Pannonian sea and can try to imagine you were really standing on the shore of that ancient sea.


Brežani 16, 47 000 Karlovac
Sanja Marinković: +385(0)91-578-37-49
Tomislav Marinković: +385(0)91-571-48-99
[email protected]

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