Serious grown-ups often forget the fact that they were children, too. It’s a true privilege to remember that and see the world through a child’s eyes. Thus you are bound to see the details otherwise invisible in the mist of constant worrying and rushing around. Karlovac has always been children’s great friend. Historic photos and representations are full of events organised for children and of candid moments of children’s joy and playfulness. This tradition is still alive, which can be expected of any well-mannered town.

Karlovac is small enough for small children and big enough for big children. It also includes the adults that do, from time to time, remember they can be children, too.

Going to school or kindergarten in Karlovac means a short walk. The farewell party for the kindergarten kids is called the Little Commencement Ceremony, while the high school graduates traditionally organise a procession with theme-based costumes, making them the most original high school graduates in the world. Is this an exaggeration? In any case, it is just the result of pride of the children who grow up to be great and upstanding Karlovac citizens.

Karlovac is full of little spots for children, different from all the other spots. Some of the examples of care and effort invested in future adults are the therapeutic children’s playground at Vunsko polje, near the Korana river, and the specialised children’s bookstore and pastry shop Knjiguljica in the old town.

Children’s playgrounds in all parts of the town, winter sledding in the moats, summer swimming on the river beaches… it is just a part of the activities enjoyed by all the generations. Swimming and angling courses and creative workshops of all kinds are ideal when it comes to encouraging the young ones to become great adults.

This town is ideal for family life and will provide a safe and carefree atmosphere, as a basic condition for playful squirrel-watching in the Arboretum, bat-counting in the Vrbanić Gardens, relaxed swimming in the company of swans and a rainy stroll under the canopy of park treetops.

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