Fish dishes

In the town on four rivers, the most natural and logical dish is, of course, a fish dish. Locals love everything about fish, from fishing to preparing it in the kitchen. And as we know that love goes through the stomach, allow us to introduce you to our gastronomic fish magic and open a new chapter of love for Karlovac.

Every fish that swims in the Karlovac rivers, in addition to its Latin and official Croatian name, also has a special Karlovac name. Krap, okan, šilj, štulj, and ščuka are the names of fish that we will not serve you in the form of translation but on the plate when you visit. We offer a choice of ordinary and unusual combinations of fish dishes, from soups to salads, from grilled fish to fillets in beer batter.

And to be liberal and democratic, the offer of Karlovac restaurants also includes seafood specialties. The traditional Mediterranean cuisine has always been an inspiration to top chefs, so Karlovac is no exception.

We invite you to take your role in the tourist tour of the town through the smells and tastes of fish specialties seriously and become our faithful food-spy.

Pod starimi krovovi

Konoba Kostanjac

Restaurant Tempo

Restaurant Kvaka

Lovački rog

Hotel Korana Srakovčić

Restaurant M90

Bistro Palma and restaurant Kristal

Bistro Kastel

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