An active vacation in Karlovac

You have decided to step out of your everyday routine for a day or two, or maybe a whole week, and let your duties have a little break from you? If you have decided to come to Karlovac, that’s an excellent choice! Whatever you do for a living, you deserve a break. Some time to recuperate and recharge your batteries. Relaxing is life!

The town in the park will welcome you with its green embrace.

You are wondering whether the Dubovac Castle tour and the climb up the steep wooden steps to its main tower belong to the category of adventure tourism or sports tourism? Getting to know the history sometimes is much more lively and energetic than expected.

Where there are rivers, there are cool friends!

Maybe you’re looking for something like lying around on a riverbank or a park, which sounds so fantastically refreshing. We, the locals, know very well what it means to lie on a green riverbank, as we have our four rivers and a number of river beaches. Oh, yes, we do enjoy the (in)activity! And we’ll show you how to do it. We’ll take you to the Foginovo Beach, the first registered river beach in Croatia. You’ll spread out your towel on the soft grass, looking forward to lying in the shade with a view of the Korana. OK, have a few minutes of peace and rest. A moment later, you may already be a part of the beach volleyball team, after that be diving from the tower, taking part in a quiz, climbing in the aquatic sports park, using the outdoor fitness equipment, hiring a guide for a kayaking adventure, rowing from one river mouth to the other
And your towel is still relaxing in the soft grass of the Foginovo Beach. Yes, we know what it’s like! It is like that for us every summer.

On foot, by bike, in a kayak…

Of course, do not forget the bicycles. Karlovac and its area are ideal for cycling. Bring your own two-wheeled pet or rent a bike and explore the town. Nordic walking? We have that, too. Natural rock climbing? You’re on! Hiking and mountaineering are also a familiar option. Your guides will take you to the Karlovac hiking route or to any nearby peak. Try kayaking over the Korana cascades (this river flows through the town itself), or try some scuba diving in the clear Mrežnica waters, or relax on the Kupa Grain Boat, or try angling in the Dobra…

Yes, you will need more than a day for all that. Because once you are here, you’ll just realise that the walls of a historic fortified town hide a welcoming warmth and a green embrace of the town in a park for all. Come here in June, when everything is permeated by the linden tree flower scent, come back in July, when we celebrate the town’s birthday, come again any time and join the locals’ active life. Your active vacation is our everyday life.

The town that will enchant you in more than one way

Karlovac has a very personal relationship with everybody, whether you were born in the town or your you’re just a passer-by. Even the least noticeable footprint in its soil will be indelible both for Karlovac and for all of you who have visited it at least once. So, let it be a smiling mark after a sweet victory in a friendly tennis match on the shaded courts of the Vrbanić Gardens, or after an unpredictable bout at the adrenaline sports park.

Karlovac can enchant you in many ways, with its parks and promenades, its old town or the path along the Korana river connecting the three bridges. If you are reading this text about an active vacation in Karlovac, we recommend a good run through all of this. We offer the SightRun application enabling you to get to know the town in a runner’s rhythm. And while you’re at it, check whether there really are 4321 steps around the historic Star, and let us know. You can also count all our rivers, too. One never knows… And, this summer, do swim in all the four rivers in one day! No one else can do it, but you and us!

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